Leander Boyan "Orange"

Hot tempered Mechanical Engineer


Leander Boyan “Orange”
High Concept : Hot tempered Mechanical Engineer
Trouble : Revenge is served HOT
Other Aspects: Clockwork Dreams , Full power ahead ! , We shall overcome…eventually…probably…maybe? , “Clockwork” Agent Orange

+5: Lore, Craftsmanship
+4: Conviction, Discipline
+3: Endurance, Alertness
+2: Rapport, Presence, Scholarship, Athletics
+1: Empathy, Drive, Resources, Investigation
P: 0000 M: 0000 S: 000

[ 0] Wizard’s Constitution
[-1] Personalized Weaponry (Craftsmanship to wield self made weapons)
[+2] IoP Catalyst ( Clockwork Sword , 3 , acts as toolbox )
[-4] Sponsored magic: Superior Pyromancy (IoP)
[-6] Refinement :
Crafting power +3, Crafting frequency +2, Divination +1
+12 extra item slots

Enchanted items:
Fire-bite (8 shift fire attack on strike )(3 uses)(1 slot)
Frost-bite (8 shifts cold attack on strike )(3 uses)(1 slot)
Firestorm (8 shift fire area attack )(3 uses)(3 slot)
Unravel (10 shift dispel )(3 uses)(3 slot)
Freeze (7 shift area block on movement , +1 duration)(3 uses)(3 slot)
Body Armor AR:1 (10 shift block or AR:5)(3 uses)(3 slot)
Artificer’s Goggles (3 shift maneuver “Show Enchantment” , 3 shift maneuver “Show Mechanism”)(5 uses)(1 slot)
Aestus Flask (3 shift maneuver “Stored Power” , 3 shift maneuver “Refined Fire”)(5 uses)(1 slot)
Folded Automatons (Base power 8 )(9 uses)(Roll Craftsmanship to switch them out )
Free Potion Slot (Base power 8/3)


Hot tempered Mechanical Engineer : Leander Boyan was born and raised in Warwick ( England ) . He is of Polish ancestry , but knows only a handful of words . At the age of 11 , his family’s house burned down . Fortune was on their side because the safe holding most of his family’s valuables was undamaged , his father , a renown geologist and metallurgist , was offered an astonishing pay in Kiruna ( Sweden ) .

Revenge is served HOT : At the start of the War , Kiruna rapidly fell to the control of the Nazis . Its inhabitants reduced to little more than slaves . Most of the “dangerous” individuals were sent in concentration camps in Germany . Upon hearing that his parents had suffered this fate , Leander arranged a meeting with his old acquaintance Oberleutnant Claus Amsel in the hope of buying or bribing their release . Amsel and Rothstein not only did not allow their release but ordered their execution in a crematorium . He is being tortured still in order to extract his knowledge of the Mischmetal .

Clockwork Dreams : Leander was offered a scholarship at the University of Vienna . The excellent staff and the part time job in the library did wonders in honing his mind . The library was also the place where he encountered Claus Amsel , as part of the "Arcane Book-club " . He did not like their ideas much but was at least clued in . After his graduation , Leander was offered a place as Assistant in the Mechanical Engineering department . With the combined application of his mundane and “esoteric” knowledge he discovered the Mischmetal . Soon after the “Clockwork Sword” was built .

Full power ahead ! : The wondrous properties of the Mischmetal spread like wildfire . His career literally took flight , as he was invited in science conferences all over Europe . As his fame rose so did the number of enemies hiding in the shadows …

We shall overcome…eventually…probably…maybe? : The city of Kiruna was founded in 1900 and quickly became an important seat for iron ore extraction and mining industry in Sweden. The area in which the city was built shares a long history with the indigenous Sami people dating back at least 6,000 years of evident settlement. During World War II, large quantities of iron were transported from Kiruna by rail to the east coast, and further down to be sold to Germany. After the “secret” invasion of Kiruna , Leander became a fervent advocate and activist , in the hopes of rising general public awareness . Secretly he became member of The Resistance .

“Clockwork Agent” Orange : As member of The Resistance , he found the support and means to save his parents , but there is always a “but” . The price for the help offered was not cheap . He was assigned the mission to steal the enemies weaponry and vehicle schematics . His mission remains unfulfilled at the moment …

Leander Boyan "Orange"

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