Jack Crosby


Name: Jack Crosby
High Concept: “Born Lucky Fool
Trouble: “Fate’s (Or Someone’s) Weapon Of Choice”
Other Concepts: “No Stranger To The Strange,” “There’s No Business Like Show Business!,” “The Accidental Venatori,” “An American Abroad”

Superb (5): Presence, Conviction
Great (
4): Rapport, Resources
Good (3): Contacts, Performance
Fair (
2): Deceit, Empathy, Lore
Average (+1): Alertness, Discipline, Endurance, Scholarship, Stealth

Mental: OOOO
Physical: OOO (OOOO)
Social: OOOO

Natural Armor:2 (vs. physical attacks)

1 Extra Mild Mental Consequence
1 Extra Mild Social Consequence


Incite Misfortune
Skills Affected: Conviction
Effects: A person with this power can create incidents of bad luck that could leave their target at a disadvantage, interfere in their efforts to accomplish things and inflict physical injuries upon them (Weapon:4). They even can use misfortune to protect themselves, preventing attacks from striking him through mischance and bad breaks.
Incite Effect [-1], At Range [-1], Incite Physical Effect [-1], Incite Avoidable Physical Effect [-0], Incite Potent Effect [-1], Incite Protective Effect [-1], Incite Constant Protective Effect [-1]
Total Cost: -6

Fortune’s Armor (Supernatural Toughness) [-4]
The Catch: Entropy Curses [Only A Rare Class Of People – Practitioners, Requires Specific Research Material – A Wizard’s Library or other collection of Rare Occult Lore; +2]
Net Cost: -2

Serendipity (Reskinned Guide My Hand) [-1]

Fortune’s Health Plan (Reskinned Wizard’s Constitution) [-0]

Charmed Life (Reskinned Undying) [-0]
Description: You do not die when you are taken out.
Skills Affected: Endurance
Fate’s Reprieve. You have luck so good that it literally shields you from death. No matter what punishment or calamity befalls you, you can never suffer a fatal wound. You may be be pushed to the brink of death but you will never fall over. Fate will intervene in the form of coincidences and lucky circumstances to keep you from meeting your final end, though you may suffer less final but still grievous setbacks. No “death” result is ever permanent unless special means such as entropy curses are used to counter your remarkable fortune.


High Concept: “Born Lucky Fool
Jack is a human being. He isn’t a scion who derives his powers from a hybrid nature. His abilities aren’t from a Higher Power granting them as a Sponsor. Jack is totally human. He just happened to have been born in exactly the right place and time to have his abilities. While it was noted a Higher Power wasn’t granting his abilities as a Sponsor, that doesn’t mean a Higher Power, Fate (or Someone) wasn’t involved. The events leading up to Jack’s birth were subtly manipulated so that he would be born after the proper series of signs and portents occurred at a site of mystic significance during an auspicious time in which a specific astrological conjunction was occurring. The result of this massive convergence of arcane circumstances surrounding Jack’s birth was that he became a living archetype, the avatar of The Fool. Exactly who or what arranged it to happen was a mystery but judging from the things Jack has been involved in they probably had some sort of benevolent ultimate purpose in mind. Note that Jack’s nature and origin implies the possibility that there could be other living archetypes such as Justice, The Hanged Man, The High Priestess and The Emperor out there, either engineered by the same entity or force responsible for Jack, different entities or forces with other agendas, or even just by sheer chance (though that brings things around to Fate again :) )
Invoke: As a bonus when Jack attempts something potentially dangerous or risky that others might consider foolish; For effect to have some lucky coincidence provide a means to escape or cope with dangerous circumstances; For effect to have Jack derive some metaphysical benefit due to his archetypal nature.
Compel: To have Jack take risks or get himself into potentially dangerous situations for a good cause.

Trouble: “Fate’s (Or Someone’s) Weapon Of Choice”
As observed above, some Force or Power subtly engineered the events and circumstances which led to Jack becoming what he is. The responsible party remains an enigma but whoever or whatever it was appears to have a benevolent purpose in mind. To accomplish that purpose however sometimes requires Jack to get involved in risky situations and face off against formidable individuals. Being Fate’s (or Someone’s) chosen weapon is a dangerous job.
Invoke: As a bonus when trying to overcome obstacles and combat foes that stand in the way of accomplishing whatever good he’s supposed to do; For effect to have some coincidence give him a clue on how to accomplish what he needs to do.
Compel: To have fate bend events and circumstances to get Jack involved in a situation in which innocents need saving, dire events need averting or evil schemes need thwarting.

Background: “No Stranger To The Strange”
Despite growing up in an ordinary family in a seemingly ordinary town, Jack’s childhood was far from ordinary. Due to his very nature, Jack’s very presence seemed to attract the strange and uncanny. He experienced staggeringly unlikely things on a routine basis and encountered strange things others might consider unreal often enough it ceased to shock him. It seemed the improbable and impossible were constant companions of his since birth to the current day. Sometimes such things benefited him, while other times they added additional difficulties beyond those that normal people had to deal with. In any case, he got a lot of practice in dealing with them.
Invoke: As a bonus when coping with encounters involving uncanny coincidences or unexpected weirdness; For effect to have an encounter with an improbable coincidence or unexpected weirdness occur that benefits him in some way.
Compel: To have an improbable coincidence or some unexpected weirdness out of left field complicate things for him in some way.

Rising Conflict: “There’s No Business Like Show Business!”
Despite all the strangeness he had to deal with growing up Jack had pretty normal plans for his future. He was going to be a rich and successful entertainer. All right, his aim was a little higher than the average guy but considering the life he had led so far his dreams were relatively down to Earth. With a little effort, he developed his skills at music, acting and comedy. Some hard work, an above average talent and a few very lucky breaks enabled Jack to achieve success in his chosen profession. He never reached the absolute heights of stardom but he did do well enough that he developed a good enough reputation in the business he got to work with those that did and earn a good living (which when supplemented by good investments and the occasional unexpected windfall meant he had a very comfortable lifestyle indeed).
Invoke: As a bonus to any when using any skill pertinent to being an entertainer. Performance is most obvious, but things like Presence, Rapport and Deceit could be skills employed in various aspects of the business as well; As a bonus when trying to do something due to having some knowledge or experience thanks to being in a play, movie or other project that dealt with the subject matter; As a bonus for Contacts when calling on people in the business or formerly in the business; For effect to have his status as a successful entertainer benefit him or be useful in some way.
Compel: To have some complication arise while he’s in the middle of a performance or production; To be recognized for something he’s done when such recognition would complicate matters for him.

First Story – Raiders of The Lost Art: “The Accidental Venatori”
While touring Europe a series of unlikely events involving a clerical error, similar names, an delayed train and the coincidental uttering of a recognition code phrase caused the local Venatori Umbrorum cell to mistake Jack for the specialist they called in to help in the race against Thule Society agents to find the lost final pages of the Mutus Liber containing the picture code key that would enable one to properly interpret its illustrations and allow one to create The Philosopher’s Stone. Needless to say, despite Jack lacking the knowledge of art history the actual specialist had and a few unexpected complications that normally follow in his wake they managed to succeed in keeping the Mutus Liber out of the Thule Society’s hands. Garbled reports of the mission’s success, along with more improbable clerical errors, lead to the Venatori Umbrorum at large to believe Jack is a member of their’s, and Jack to enjoy a whole host of complications and benefits due to that error.
Invoke: As a bonus when interacting with members of the Venatori or their allies; As a bonus when doing something to help the Venatori; For effect to have members of the Venatori Umborum provide some sort of useful aid; For effect to have his mistaken status as an elite Venatori agent help him in some manner.
Compel: To receive mission orders and briefings intended for a Venatori member; To have a Venatori Umbrum cell in trouble ask for his aid; To have enemies of the Venatori Umbrorum target him due to believing he’s a member; To have a member of the Venatori Umbrorum or their enemies believe something untrue about him that would complicate his life due to garbled reports and mistaken records; To have the assumption he has knowledge or training that a member of the Venatori has that he doesn’t cause a problem or complication for him.

Guest Story – When Things Don’t go As Planned (Starring Sam Snake with Armel Duval): “An American Abroad”
While Jack was spending his free time sightseeing due to misunderstanding a local’s directions because of an almost non-existent grasp of each other’s languages he ended up at the hideout of a group of criminals rather than the tavern that had a well-reviewed house brew that he had heard about. The criminals, possessing a shortage of hospitality and a surplus of suspicion, tried to take Jack prisoner to question him. Jack took off running, leading the band of arms dealers on a merry chase through their building. During the chase Jack stumbled onto the room where they were holding some guy named Sam and freed him from his bonds. Unfortunately for both of them, he had also accidentally started a fire that by then had reached the gang’s inventory and set off a series of explosions that threatened to bring the building down on everyone. Will they be able to get out in time? Maybe if they’re lucky.
Invoke: As a bonus for interacting with fellow Americans abroad; As bonus to find and contact fellow Americans abroad; As a bonus while interacting with people who like Americans or foreign visitors to their country (or at least their money); For effect to get some kind of assistance or intervention from the local American Embassy or Consulate; For effect to receive some help or benefit from a fellow American abroad because “We’ve got to stick together.”
Compel: To have things like language barriers and cultural misunderstandings cause difficulties and complications for Jack; To have people who dislike Americans (or foreigners in general) cause trouble for Jack; To have people who take advantage of Americans or other foreign visitors such as thieves or con men try to ply their trade with Jack; To have Jack help a fellow American who’s gotten in some sort of trouble.

Jack Crosby

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