Dr. Konrad Bauer


Name: Dr. Konrad Bauer
High Concept: Former Nazi Artificer
Trouble: The Third Reich’s Lust for Power is Endless
Aspects: The Eye of Odin; Head of Logic, Heart of Au; Student of Tesla
Description: The ideal nazi, tall, athletic, blonde-haired, blue-eyed (well, one blue eye, one eyepatch). Pristine, pressed clothes and a shoulder bag. Oh, and a bunch of technomagic devices everywhere on him.

Superb (5): Guns, Lore
Great (4): Discipline, Empathy
Good (3): Conviction, Craftsmanship
Fair (2): Athletics, Endurance, Scholarship
Average (1): Alertness, Contacts, Deceit, Presence, Rapport

Mental: OOOO
Physical: OOO
Social: OOO

Scientist (Engineer): +1 to Engineering, +2 to Mechanical Engineering

Thaumaturgy [-3]
- Refinement [-3]
- Specialization: Crafting Power +2, Crafting Frequency +1
- Foci: Artificer’s Tools, +2 to Crafting Power
Odin’s Eye (Item of Power) [-1]

Refresh: 2 (10-8)

Odin’s Eye (Item of Power) [-1]
- One-Time Discount [+1]
- The Sight [-1]
- A Few Seconds Ahead [-1]

Enchanted Items (8 Slots, +9 Power, +1 Frequency):
Voltaic Key (Weapon 9, 2/Session, Personal)
Forcefield Bracer (Block 9, 2/Session, Personal)
Cloaking Device (Stealth 8, 4/Session, Personal)
Formula 49 (Gain 2 Sticky Aspects, 6/Session, Personal)
Shield Generator (Armor 4, 2/Session, Anyone)
Wind Boots (Athletics 8, 2/Session, Anyone)
Belt of Force Grenades (Area Weapon 5, 4/Session, Anyone)
Las-pistol (Weapon 6, 6/Session, Anyone)


High Concept: Former Nazi Artificer
Description: Konrad is every inch a perfect Nazi soldier. He’s blonde haired, blue eyed (well, one of his eyes, the other has an eye patch), his uniform is always pressed perfectly, his gait is perfectly measured. He was even 2nd in command at the Magical Weapons R&D Division and just a step outside of Hitler’s inner circle. The problem? He grew a conscience.
Invoke: Nazi and Enchanted Item-related knowledge; Konrad also still has some contacts in the army (who either are loyal or indebted to him or don’t realize he’s turned.)
Compel: Considered a Turncoat by Nazis who know and even Allies are suspicious. Konrad has created a lot of Nazi weaponry and feels responsible for their use.

Trouble: The Third Reich’s Lust for Power is Endless
Description: Hitler is aware that Konrad has defected. He wants one of his top weapons creators back. For the most part, he has not let anyone outside of his inner circle be aware of Konrad’s defection but has sent spies and mercenaries to retrieve the scientist.
Compel: The Third Reich wants Konrad back and chained to his workstation. If he won’t come back willingly, a shot in the head and retrieving the Eye would suffice.

Background: The Eye of Odin
Description: In Hitler’s quest for power, many artifacts thought to be magical were gathered. A glass eye believed to be the mythic ‘Eye of Odin’ was looted from a museum and Konrad was given the honor of testing to see whether it was the real deal. It was, and with it Konrad was able to receive mystical insights. Among these, the mastery of runes which led to him creating a variety of technomagic weapons. However, it also instilled in him the Wisdom of generations, which led him to realize how far off the beaten path he and his country had gone.
Invoke: Use of the eye (recognizing magic and the true nature of things, especially runes); “Wisdom” related insights.
Compel: People who want the eye, physical and mental pain related to the gaining of wisdom.

Rising Conflict: Head of Logic, Heart of Au (or The Head Thinks, but the Heart Rules)
Description: Konrad fits the part of the scientist well, he comes off as cold and dispassionate. He’s created a lot of weapons for the Nazis without caring much about their use. Since obtaining the eye and gaining more wisdom, the chains of rhetoric that weighed his heart down have been broken. He’s rediscovered the kindness within him and feels a lot more empathy towards others (even if he has a hard time showing it).
Invoke: Maintain a cool disposition; Empathize with someone else’s plight
Compel: Konrad can come off as cold and removed, even when he feels the opposite. Also, having a big heart means he can get into trouble easily as well.

First Story: Student of Tesla
Description: At the start of the story, Konrad is still a part of the Nazi’s Magical Weapons R&D Program and is setting out to create his most powerful weapon yet, based on a design of his former teacher Tesla. Not all is well with him as he’s been feeling physically sick along with the first pangs of remorse for his actions.

He eventually decides to defect and makes a brave but futile attempt at escape. After being sent back to the lab under strict supervision he was approached by an American Spy who offered a way out. After evading his boss and Hitler’s men they were able to escape to the U.S.
Invoke: Knowledge related to science and magic, especially the hybridization of the two.
Compel: Desire to find more knowledge and perfect designs, using enchanted items to test them even if they’re not needed in the situation.

Guest Story:

Dr. Konrad Bauer

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