Dr. Alexander Strauss


Name: Dr. Alexander Strauss
High Concept: Nazi Artificer; Head of Magical Weapons R&D Division
Trouble: Free Will is a Problem
Aspects: Master of Puppets; Clockwork Heart; “Have You Met My Wife?”
Description: Konrad’s Former Boss. A brilliant, ruthless man. His greatest accomplishment was creating a perfect clockwork servant out of his wife. He has some psychic or mystical talent that allows him to control the bodies of others. He also hasn’t aged a day since Konrad first met him.

Fantastic (6): Lore
Superb (5): Conviction, Deceit
Great (4): Craftsmanship, Discipline
Good (3): Presence, Scholarship
Fair (2): Alertness, Athletics, Guns
Average (1): Driving, Endurance, Fists, Resources

Mental: OOOOO
Physical: OOO[OOOO]; Armor 2; The Catch: Area Attacks
Social: OOOO

Wizard’s Constitution [-0]
Thaumaturgy [-3]
- Refinement III [-3]
- Specialization: Crafting Power +2, Crafting Frequency +1
- Foci: Control Rings (Crafting Power +2, Crafting Frequency +2)
“Lena” (Item of Power) [-2]
Puppeteer [-3]

Refresh: 1 (12-11)

Lena, the Clockwork Servant (Item of Power):
One-Time Discount [ +2 ] As a Clockwork facsimile of a woman, Lena is difficult to conceal. She follows Alexander at all times, standing either in his shadow or beside him – as the puppet master dictates.
It Is What It Is [-0] Lena’s claws give her a base Weapon 2 to her attacks. She also has several types of artillery stowed in her body, giving her Guns of 2 with the ability to make Spray attacks and the like.
Claws [-1]
- Venomous [-2]
Supernatural Toughness [-4]
- The Catch: Area Attacks [ +3 ]
Enchanted Items (from Thaumaturgy):
- 4/Session: Athletics 10
- 4/Session: Fists 10 (Weapon 2)
- 4/Session: Guns 10 (Weapon 2)
- 4/Session: Might 10


Dr. Alexander Strauss

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