Oberleutnant Claus Amsel

Nazi Governor of Haute-Marne prefecture


Little is known about the Oberleutnant other than the fact that he is a lover of Jazz music and an officer in the Wehrmacht Heer.

Known Skills:
Presence: 5
Intimidate: 5
Rapport: 4
Empathy: 4
Alertness: 3
Discipline: 3

Best Foot Forward
Bolstered Presence: A person with some minions is always more powerful-seeming than someone with none. Add two to your Presence skill as long as you have some subordinates around.
Authority Figure: You are in charge. Add two to your Presence skill when using it against someone under your authority (ie: students for a teacher, grunts for a sergeant).
Do You Know Who I Am?: May use Presence to Defend in Social Situations


Oberleutnant Claus Amsel

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