A Sam Snake (Samual Renner)

Sam is 5' 10" with sandy brown hair and brown eyes. He dresses in plain clothes and tends not to stick out in a crowd.


High Concept: Many-Faced Covert Op
Trouble: I Can See the Veil…and it’s Calling…
Other Aspects: SOE/SOL; Deep Cover; In War, The Dead are Everywhere; When Doing the Right Thing is the only Tool you need; Let’s Get Dangerous


-1 Run away
You may give up your next turn to do a sprint action after a successful dodge
-1 Unhindered defenses
Add +2 to dodge when unarmed or unarmoured

-1 Ghost Speaker
-1 Incite Emotion (despair)
-1 Incite Emotion (ranged)
-1 Incite Emotion (potent)

The Dark Symbiote
+1 Rebate: Easily conceald: worn under all clothes
-2 mimic
+1 Feeding Dependency, Affecting:
-2 Teleport
-1 Rapid teleport

Skills Stress -
+5 Deceit; Athletics M: 000
+4 Investigation, Burglary S: 000
+3 Stealth, Contacts P: 000
+2 Scholarship, Alertness, Discipline H: 000
+1 Guns, Endurance, Conviction, Presence, Empathy

Total Refresh: 9
Remaining Refresh: 1


High Concept:

Many-Faced Covert Op
compel: Doing missions for Allies; Doing jobs for the shadowy figure (unwittingly)
Invoke: Stealth, deceit, info-gathering


I can see the veil…and it’s calling
Compel: Ghost related stuff; things having to do with that “dark place” where his powers come from; doing stuff to hurt/torture people where maybe he woudldn’t normally have done so. Basically, the influence of the symbiote
Invoke: Ghost related stuff; incite emotion; symbiote stuff; Alertness


Compel: Repaying favours; Bailing out Agents; Old Enemies
Invoke: knowing languages, gathering info, Having Contacts, access to resources; military training and training in espionage

Sam grew up in Austria and moved to England to go to school at Oxford University, studying languages. He was recruited there and began working as an undercover agent. Over the years he’s had military and diplomatic training. The Organization he worked for was, eventually, absorbed by the SOE. Through them, he’s made many contacts, allies and enemies.

Rising Conflict:

Turn up like a Bad Penny
Compel: Have enemies show up at inconvenient times, Bad Luck
Invoke: Fortuitous arrivals, Sprinting, Annoying Enemies

Sam was tasked with finding information about a secret paranormal development laboratory. He was paired with a Russian named Nikolaj Sorokin. As they accessed the lab, they found, not only strange technology but also stolen works of art and valuable artifacts. They filled their pockets but when they came across a Roman coin, there was a debate who would get it. They flipped the coin and Sam won the toss. He put the coin in his pocket and they continued to search. They found what they were looking for -an AIU: Advanced Infiltration Unit. They managed to collect as much information and documents as he could. Grabbing the suit, they set out to leave when a siren broke the silence of the night. The two ran out into the darkness but troops and dogs were dispatched and their escape route was cut off.

Since Nikolai could shape-shift, he could easily escape. Sam decided to take a chance and put on the experimental suit. Instantly, the AIU suit tried to take control of Sam’s mind. Nikolaj, seeing Sam was in no shape to continue, created a diversion giving Sam enough time to battle off the entity. Gaining control, Sam teleported away and met up with Nikolaj at their rendez-vous point.

Sam threw the small coin to Nikolai,

“I guess it’s a lucky penny. I owe you one.”

From that time forward, anytime one bails the other out of trouble, the coin changes hands.

First Adventure:

Deep Cover
Compel: stay under cover despite terrible odds; getting trapped or cut off; being alone; giving false info; exagerating
Invoke: Resisting torture; burying myself in a defensive web of lies; Incite emotion; Lying/deceit;escaping


Guest Starring

Aspect: When Doing the Right Thing is the only Tool you need
Story: Escape
Starring: Konrad Baur
Guest Stars: Sam Snake and Aleksander Nitka
Invoke: Declarations to have the right tools(even if they’re not the ‘right’ tools;
Compel: Help people at personal risk for little gain;

He’d been given his orders very last minute. A scientist had tried to defect from an alleged Nazi Magical Weapons R&D Lab. All he had was a picture, a rough location and twenty-four hours.

He didn’t need to take the job; it was voluntary because of the limited intelligence they had. All he’d have is the tools he carried and his wits but someone wanted out and he was the only one who was in a position to do it. There wasn’t really any question.

Guest Starring

Aspect: Let’s Get Dangerous!
Story: Diving in Head First
Starring: Aleksander Nitka
Guest Stars: Sam Snake and…
Invoke: Spotting Ambushes; Initiative; Alertness rolls; Doing over-the-top stunts
Compel: Take Risks; Go in Blind; Be Cocky; Underestimate enemies; Have bad stuff happen; getting ambushed

He’d been “officially” kicked out of the SOE for a short time, wandering the country-side when he was caught in a bombing raid. Barely surviving the raid, he climbed out of the ruins he’d called a shelter only to see creatures devouring injured soldiers and civilian. One man was fighting them off, so Sam decided to make himself a target by hijacking an ambulance, running over two of the creatures, encouraging them to follow him instead

A Sam Snake (Samual Renner)

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