Hauptmann (Captain) Ingolf Rothstein


Hauptmann (Captain) Rothstein of the Schutzstaffel Sonderkommando Hexen.

Known Stats

Name: Hauptmann Ingolf Rothstein
High Concept: Warlock SS Commander
Aspect: Expect the Unexpected, Bearer of Naamah

Conviction +5
Discipline +4
Lore +4
Endurance +3
Presence +3
Intimidate +3
Alertness +2

Evocation -3 (Elements: Air, + 1 Control Air)
Refinement -1
Human Guise -0 (affecting)
Inhuman Speed -2
Inhuman Strength -2
Supernatural Toughness -4 (catch is not revealed at this time)
Wings -1
Large Extra Dangerous Mental Aura of Despair -5
Focus: Two Metal Rods (+1 Offensive/Defensive Control for Air, +1 Offensive/Defensive Power for Air)


Hauptmann (Captain) Ingolf Rothstein

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