Nikolaj Sorokin


Name: Nikolaj Sorokin
High Concept: Shapeshifting Russian Spy for the British
Trouble: Overconfident
Aspects: World War I Veteran, trained to fight the Nazis, Dog of War, In for a Penny in for Pounding, two Birds with one Stone
Fate/Refresh: 2/1

Stress Human Raven Dog
Physical OOOO +1 OOO OOO
Mental OO OO OO
Powers and Stunts
Shifter’s Constitution [-0]
You call that torture? (+1 mild mental for resisting physical torture) (stunt) [-1]
Beast Change (Raven) [-1]
Beast Change (Dog) [-1]
Echoes of the Beast (ability to mimic sound (raven), +1 to presence when giving orders as a pack leader (dog)) [-1]
Human Form [+1]
Quasi Modular Abilities (5 points) [-6]
Modular Sets (5 Points)
Raven Dog
Wings [-1] Claws [-1]
Diminutive Size [-1] Who’s a good Dog? (Best Foot forward) [-1]
Cloak of Shadows [-1] Pack Leader (Presence) [-1]
Inhuman Speed [-2] Supernatural Senses [-2] (superhearing, supersmell)
Skills Raven Dog
+5: Endurance, Burglary Stealth Rapport, Survival
+4: Deceit, Craftsmanship Performance, Athletics, Alertness Presence, Intimidation
+3: Presence, Performance Survival, Investigation, Deceit Athletics, Empathy
+2: Alertness, Athletics, Contacts Burglary, Fists, Presence Performance, Alertness, Fists
+1: Driving, Stealth, Rapport, Discipline, Guns Endurance, Deceit, Empathy Endurance, Deceit, Empathy, Might, Stealth

Description: Nikolaj is a 49 year old man, though he looks like he’s in his late 20s. He can’t deny his Soviet origin in his features, and he doesn’t try. His black hair translates well into his animal forms, a black raven and a black labrador. He is of average hight and build, making it easy for him to blend into most places, if shifting is not an option.

Background: World War I Veteran
Nikolaj was in the worst parts of the first World War, seeing its horrors. He’s survived, thanks to his abilities, and he learned a lot about
compel: flashbacks
invoke: dealing with fights

Rising Conflict: trained to fight the Nazis
At the end of WWI, Nikolaj drifted west and was picked up by the British. He joined them and was brought in as a supernatural spy, once they learned of his abilities. He was trained in spy and sabotage techniques as well as asymmetric warfare, making him a perfect operative to join resistance groups when the second World War hit.
invoke: espionage, sabotage, etc.

First Story: Dog of War
One of his first missions brought Nikolaj back into the direction of his homeland, shortly after the invasion of Poland. Infiltrating the field command was easy, but when he tried to get away with a copy of the orders, he was spotted and shot in the wing mid air. He landed close to a stray dog, unable to take to the air again. He could hear the German troops approaching, and almost by accident, he used his talent for shapeshifting to assume the form of a dog. The troops ran past the two dogs, and Nikolaj got away without them being any wiser.
invoke: Dog shifting

Guest Star (Taran): In for a Penny in for Pounding

Guest Star (Broba): two Birds with one Stone

Nikolaj Sorokin

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