Sir Frank Nelson, Bt

Director of the SOE, Baronet


Frank Nelson (Pure Mortal)

High Concept: SOE Director
Other Aspects: Set Europe Ablaze!, Buddies with Churchill, God-Damn Politics, An Intricate Web of Information, The IRA Can Teach Us Much, For King and Country

Superb: Contacts, Presence
Great: Resources, Deceit , Empathy
Good: Scholarship, Rapport, Lore
Fair: Alertness, Discipline, Conviction
Average: Athletics, Investigation, Endurance

-Force of Personality (Presence): Use Presence for the mental stress track.
-Chain of Command (Contacts): +2 Contacts when dealing with other soldiers.
-Military Scientist (Scholarship): +1 Scholarship for military theory, +2 for strategy.
-Arsenal (Resources): +2 Resources to acquire weapons.
-Improved Arsenal (Resources): Ignore all legal restrictions on weaponry.
-Leadership (Presence): +1 Presence and -1 time increment to lead.
-The Boss (Contacts): Add a new trapping to Contacts. This trapping allows you to find obedient subordinates with a successful roll.
-Black Ops Squads (Contacts): You may use Contacts to declare the presence of other soldiers.
-Espionage: +1 to contacts to “spread rumours” or False information; 1 time increment faster.
-Network of spies: +2 Contacts when dealing with spies

Total Refresh Cost:
-10 (Pure Mortal)
Refresh Total: 5


Sir Frank Nelson, Bt

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