Gwynavere Haughton

SOE Special Agent and Sam Snake's former flame


Gwynavere Haughton (Pure Mortal)
High Concept: SOE Special Agent
Other Aspects: Dead Shot, On Her Own, Master Manipulator, A Serpent’s Heart; I Hear Things

Superb: Deceit, Guns
Great: Empathy, Rapport
Good: Burglary, Alertness
Fair: Stealth, Athletics
Average: Endurance, Presence

- Make-Up Artist (Deceit): +2 to create disguises.
- Impersonator (Deceit): +2 to Deceit when impersonating someone, may perform full impersonations given time to prepare.
- Sex Appeal (Rapport): +2 to Rapport when dealing with someone who could be attracted to you.
- Assassinate (Stealth): +2 to Stealth for ambushes.
- Backstab (Guns): Spend a fate point to inflict +4 stress with a Guns attack once per scene.
-The Appearance Of Wealth (Deceit): Use Deceit for Money Talks trapping of Resources.
- Forger: Use deceit to create forged documents
- Pick Pocket: Pick pockets without penalties

Total Refresh Cost:
-8 (Pure Mortal)
Refresh Total:


Gwynavere Haughton

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