Aleksander Nitka

Aleksander is 6' 4" and has blond hair and blue eyes. He dress's as the ordinary civilian he is, and is almost never without a field medics bag at hand.


Name: Aleksander Nitka
High Concept: White Council Field Medic
Trouble Concept: Hypocritical Oath
Other Aspects: From Two Worlds; Righting Wrongs; Diving In Head First

(Superb) +5 Discipline, Conviction
(Great) +4 Lore, Scholarship
(Good) +3 Endurance, Athletics
(Fair) +2 Alertness, Rapport, Presence, Survival
(Average) +1 Empathy, Guns, Stealth, Investigation

Stress Track:
Physical- OOOO
Social- OOO
Mental- OOOO

+1 Mental Mild-

- 1 Doctor(General surgery)- You may use your Scholarship skill to declare appropriate justification for the recovery of moderate physical consequences when outside a medical facility, and for the recovery of severe physical consequences within a medical facility. For research purposes, gain +1 on Scholarship for any medical research and an additional +1 in a specific area of medicine.

-0 Wizards Constitution
-1 The Sight
-0 Soulgaze
-3 Evocation (Spirit, Water, Earth)
-3 Thaumaturgy
-1 Refinement

Refresh used: -9
Refresh left: 1

Specializations- (+1 Spirit Control, +1 Water Control, +1 Biomancy Control, +1 Biomancy Complexity)
Focus Items- Scapel ( + 1 Biomancy Control, +1 Biomancy Complexity)
Enchanted Item: Shield Ring (Block 6, 3 times per session)


High Concept:

White Council Field Medic


Hypocritical Oath


From Two Worlds

Aleksander’s mother was a white council wizard and his father was a doctor. Raised in such an environment. He learned magic from his mother, while learning how to help others feel better from his father. As he got older he found a way to combine these two things, learning from his mentor healing magic while also with great difficulty going for a medical degree.

Rising Conflict

Righting Wrongs

The 1939 invasion of Poland by the Germans included Aleksander’s hometown, where his parent’s lived. His parents were among those on the casualty list. He had been going after his Medical degree with great difficulty for years when this happened. He immediately dropped everything and started to travel around helping those affected by the war. As well as per the White Council’s orders taking care of any supernatural threats he came across, or at least try to.

First Adventure

Diving In Head First

Aleksander is helping out in a town that was recently bombed, when he begins to hear the rumors of people disappearing. Not unusual in the course of the war. But the stories just didn’t add up. After some investigating he discovers a nest of Red Courts using the chaos to get easy meals pretending to be medics. Without all that much of a plan he goes to take care of them…. and finds himself outnumbered and outgunned. Luckily Jack Crosby (Venatori member) happens to come across the encounter and backs up the wizard when he needs it. Then getting all the victims still alive out they escape in an ambulance Hi-jacked by Sam Snake (an under-cover agent).

Aleksander Nitka

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