“It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.” – Winston Churchill

War rages across Europe! After their defeat following World War I and the strict provisions enacted on them by the Treaty of Versailles, the German people turned to the mysterious and charismatic Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party to lead them back on the path to glory. Little did they know, their path would be dark. Very dark indeed.

With a monumental rise, the young Adolf turned to arcane and supernatural sources of power to take back what he believed were the rights of his Aryan people, sacrificing all who stood in his way. Secret magical societies, dark pacts and blood magic fueled the Nazi successes and lead the way for evil entities to roam the Old World, unafraid to move in the open for the first time since the Age of Reason. While the Allies fought to stop the advance of the Nazi body, others, more supernaturally inclined, went to fight against it’s corrupted soul.

The White Council, the Venatori Umbrorum, and the Fellowship of Saint Giles began fighting their own war against all of the evil creatures not of this world. These fell forces, lead by the necromancer Heinrich Kemmler and his disciples, wage their own war to remove the White Council from power and to make themselves gods.

With the dark forces mounting, can a few do what is necessary to turn the tides and stop the advance of Hitler and the powers at his command? The Allies believe so, but they can’t do it alone! Enlist today!

Weird War 2: Europe

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